Vendetta Games
11 S Grove St, Ste 800
Dahlonega, GA 30533


Who we are:

Vendetta Games is your North Georgia destination for all things gaming. We are a fun, interactive Hobby/Game shop that sells and hosts events for virtually all things for gamers. The owners, Paul Schmidt and Nate Whitley, are friendly, knowledgeable, and take a very hands-on approach to gaming. We enjoy an easy, friendly atmosphere with helpful local players, making this the perfect place for both new and seasoned players alike.

From Warhammer and Warcraft to Magic and Munchkin, we have it and more! We are located just off the square in historic downtown Dahlonega, GA in the Carriage House Shoppes building.

How we began:

Our story is one we love to tell. We’ve always been gamers, and for a long time before opening we were running games out of our house for our friends. These games were always the highlight of everyone’s week. It helped form and shape the bonds between us. It gave us a sense of community. We had always talked about opening our own shop, but it was always a financial issue. Then one day we were idly looking over finances and realized that it might, maybe, just be possible. We hit the ground running with that notion and no later than three weeks later we had made it a reality. No joke! It was that fast. We opened our doors during Gold Rush weekend, and Vendetta Games (named after a model plane Nate was painting when we had the idea) is now a Hobby/Gaming store selling everything from card games, board games, video games, comics, miniature war-games, anime, and manga. We host a variety of events which bring together people from all over the area, young and old. Our group of gamers continues to grow exponentially, and every night is game night.

What makes Us Unique:

At Vendetta, there’s little to no distinction between customer and friend. We are a community of socially well-adjusted gamers. The Vendetta Games store is an inviting and friendly place to come and hang out. Sure, you can buy all of our products online, but with us, you get the full social experience.


With a college, high school, and middle school right down the road, there are an astounding number of younger locals who have nothing to do in town. We give them an outlet; somewhere to hang out and have fun. We also want to go the extra mile and provide more. We’ve worked with the UNG tabletop game clubs to hold fundraisers and events, we’ve taught classes at our local library to show younger kids how to play Magic: The Gathering, and we’re constantly donating to various other charities, but we want to do more. We’re always looking for new community outreach programs and ways to give back to our North Georgia family.