Magic The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game that is played competitively between two or more players. Each player takes on the role of a planeswalker – a being of great power capable of wielding a variety of magical spells with the goal of defeating their opponents. Players build decks containing creatures, artifacts, and other spells pulled from across the multiverse. Will you swarm the battlefield with an army of minions, or will you crush the oncoming onslaught with your damaging magic? Will you overrun the opposition with a monstrous beast, or will you control the flow of battle through superior intellect and strategy? Will you be a holy force for good, or a tyrant bent on dominating all that lies before you? The possibilities are as endless as the multiverse itself.

Vendetta games supports a variety of Magic: The Gathering formats. From the ever popular “Friday Night Magic” to the highly anticipated prerelease events for new set releases – there’s always an option for getting involved in the action. Prefer a constructed format? From new players getting started in Standard, to longtime players battling back and forth in a Modern showdown – or perhaps a massive free for all commander battle (stand alone games or league play) might be more your speed – every night is a chance to prove yourself against your rival planeswalkers. If Limited formats are more to your liking, then join us and test your in-the-moment decision making – you never know what set will be on deck for draft night.