Black Crusade IV


Alright heretics, listen up! Saturday Febuary 4th we at Vendetta Games will be kicking off our 4th Black Crusade ITC points event. Armies must be 1850 points and we will be using Warzone Atlanta Missions and FAQs. Mission packets will be supplied upon arrival. Pre-registration in the event is $15 or $20 at the door with sign-in beginning at 9AM and dice rolls at 9:30AM. Participants must have a printed copy of their army list through Battlescribe. Though there will be a store copy of the rule book, players are encouraged to bring their own copies. This will be a 3 round event, with rounds clocked at 3 hours and a 1 hour lunch break after Round 1. Prizes will be given in the following catagories:

-Warmaster (Overall winner)
-Champion (Leader in Battle Points)
-Warpsmith (Best painted)
-Aspiring Champion (Best opponent)
-Cultist (Random giveaway)

Prizes will be determined by participation and will include our Rewards of Chaos, 4 special trophies dedicated to the Ruinous Powers. Registration open for this event immediately, so come in or call us up and lock your slot in today!